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So You Want to Ski!

Tips for the Beginner Skier or Snowboarder


·         Hat ? if your head is warm, then the rest of your body will likely stay warm.  You can lose 80% of your body heat through your head.  The hat should also cover your ears. 


·         Waterproof gloves/mittens ? for some people, mittens are the warmest.  Many skiers and snowboarders have a pair of mittens and a pair of gloves.


·         Goggles ? protects eyes on cold, sunny and snowy days, and improves visibility in different levels of sunlight or shadows. 


·         Jacket/Parka (water resistant) ? recommend a Shell with a lining.  When it starts to warm up, you can always take clothes off.  Layering is key!


·         Synthetic or wool base layer for top and bottom ? synthetic materials help to wisk moisture away from your skin.  Do not wear cotton as a base layer, because it holds moisture, which makes you cold.  We say ?cotton kills?.


·         Additional clothing ? recommend synthetic layers (i.e., fleece) because they are warm and less bulky.  Once again, layering is key!


·         Snow/Water resistant pants ? very important, your first day will acquaint your butt with the snow.  Keep it warm and dry.  Bibs can be purchased for approximately $35 from stores like: Burlington Coat Factory, Penny?s, Boscov?s, Dick?s, and Klein?s All-Sports.


·         Socks ? no cotton.  You should wear only one pair, because socks should fit smoothly.  After putting on your boots, a wrinkle in your sock can feel like a small particle between your eyelid and eye.  Hurts like hell!  To ensure you have the right type of socks, you should purchase them from a ski shop.


·         Lip balm & face moisturizer ? recommend?O?Shea shea butter skin care products to maintain kissable lips and to protect your face from windburn. 


·         Identification ? just in case you might be a little unconscious (in more ways than one), and forget who you are.  Your identification should also include the name of your ski club.  It will get you to a friendly face faster.  A friendly face does not mean we will not laugh at you. 


·         Lunch ? unless you are Big Willy, buying food at the mountain can be brutal on your wallet.  Trust me!  Bring your own food.


·         Snacks or energy bars ? skiing is a good workout, especially for beginners.  You should carry snacks on your person to nibble on for the purpose of maintaining your energy level.


·         Water ? stay hydrated to maintain your energy level and body heat.  Put a container of water in your lunch box or backpack.


·         Extra clothing ? if you sweat profusely, you should bring extra clothing (especially undergarments) to keep yourself dry, which will help to keep you warm.


·         Ski equipment (skis, poles & boots) ? ?Never Evers? will be provided with skis and boots as part of their first lesson.  If you are a novice and have your own equipment, bring it to the mountain.  If necessary, ski equipment can be rented at the mountain.  Because boots are the most essential piece of equipment for this sport, I personally believe that if you plan to ski at least three times, you should buy a good, inexpensive pair of boots.  Your boots should have a firm fit, but not hurt.  If your feet hurt, everything hurts!  The same advice applies to snowboarders.


·         Helmet ? I recommended the purchase of a helmet sooner than later for those unexpected spills (those caused by you, and those caused by other skiers or snowboarders).  A head is a terrible thing to injure! 


·         Consultation ? consult with experienced members of the NESC before you buy anything for skiing or snowboarding.


Most items can be purchased at local ski shop sales.

The ABC's of Skiing


Click this link for a wealth of information on ski basics, learning to ski and the history of skiing, equipment and much more....

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